Astral Travel

One of the most satisfying of the many occupations I have had over the last thirty-odd years was teaching psychic development classes. I began doing them in my own home, but they became so popular that I ended up doing them in a local community centre. I tried to make the classes as entertaining and informative as possible, and I think this was part of the reason why they were so successful. People enjoyed them so much that they often repeated the course, simply for the fun of it. Each week we covered a different topic, and astral travel was invariably the most popular. In fact, it was so popular, that I also began conducting astral travel workshops on Saturday afternoons.

I am not sure why astral travel caught people's imaginations so much. Perhaps the idea of being able to travel anywhere in the world, or back and forth through time and space, was so intrinsically appealing that it took precedence over the other subjects we covered.

Perhaps it was the fact that I used a variety of methods to help people astral travel. I found that there was no one way that worked for everyone. However, with practice, and by experimenting with different methods, I found that most people could leave their physical bodies and travel on the astral plane. Needless to say, everyone who succeeded talked about it widely, and that was another reason why my classes were booked up all the time.

Astral Travel for Beginners is a practical, how-to book. It is structured in exactly the same way that we conducted the session in the classes. The whole point of the book is to enable the reader to leave his or her physical body and explore the astral realms with confidence and in total safety. The experiments are carefully graded to lead the reader step-by-step to an actual out-of-body experience. Consequently, the main emphasis of the book is on achieving the first astral travel. Once people have done this once, they want to do it again and again. Fortunately, the more times a person astral travels, the easier it becomes.

The first exercise is on mind travel, rather than astral travel. Mind travel is a safe, secure method of experimenting with the subject and the person remains inside his or her body throughout. Consequently, it holds none of the fears that so many people have when they think about leaving their physical bodies. Starting with mind travel allows the reader to gradually become familiar with the whole process.

Mind travel is closely related to astral travel and with it people experience many of the pleasures that they will receive from a full out-of-body experience. Consequently, some people find themselves so happy with their mind travel abilities that they do not continue on to learn how to astral travel. After learning how to mind travel, the book moves on to astral travel. We start by covering in detail a method of leaving the body that I have found works well for most people.

This is followed by thirteen other methods, all of which I have used successfully. I don't think there is any other book available that covers so many different techniques for leaving the physical body. I have included all of these methods to allow the reader to choose the method that works best for him or her. Also, I know that I enjoy using

a variety of methods when I astral travel, and I assume many of the readers will want to do the same. Also, of course, as no one method works for everyone, it is helpful to include as many methods as possible, to ensure that every reader will ultimately be successful. I found in my classes that many people were able to astral travel quickly and easily on their first attempt, but others needed time, and other methods, to achieve the same results. Some of this comes down to fears of various sorts, and these people will probably find mind travel achieves the results they want, while remaining securely inside their own bodies. However, if they are prepared to practise and persevere, I believe anyone can do it.

I've tried to make the book entertaining as well as practical. Consequently, I've included some background and history of the subject, along with some interesting anecdotes to make the book as easy to read and as understandable as possible. This is also designed to allay any subconscious fears that people might have.

I think this is probably the most complete book available on the subject. I've included everything that was in my classes and workshops and am confident that anyone who reads it and practises the experiments will be able to astral travel whenever they wish. That was my aim in writing it.

Astral Travel for Beginners has been translated into Estonian, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai and Turkish. An English language edition has also been published in India.

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