Aura Reading for Beginners

As a child I went to a church school. Every Thursday morning we attended a chapel service before school began. As I was interested in music I always sat where I could watch Mr Carder, the organist. He also taught music and was one of the best teachers I ever had.

One morning as I watched him playing Bach, I was amazed to see beautiful colors emanating from him and heading up towards the high, vaulted ceiling. I was fascinated by this sight and prodded the boy next to me.

"Look at the beautiful colors," I said. The boy looked, but saw nothing. I can't remember what he said, but it was enough to stop me mentioning the colors to anyone else.

From that time on, I saw colors around Mr Carder almost every time he played. I simply took it for granted that the colors would be there, and did not think it strange that I never saw colors around anyone else, not even the school padre. When Mr Carder became my class teacher I also frequently saw colors around him during class, and simply considered this to be perfectly normal and natural.

It was only when I attended lectures at the Theosophical Society when I was 17 or 18 that I discovered there were people who desperately wanted to see auras but were unable to do so. At that time I wasn't able to help anyone else. It was just a natural skill that I had and I had no idea why I could see auras while many others couldn't.

For some years I conducted psychic development classes. These were originally held in my own home, but became so popular that we eventually had to hold them in a nearby community centre. People came for all sorts of reasons, but a large number came solely because they wanted to be able to see auras. This was a wonderful opportunity, as it gave me the chance to experiment with all sorts of different ways of seeing auras, with a large number of people.

In fact, our success rate was too high. Previous students were seeing auras around other people and telling them how and where they had learned the skill, so we had more and more people wanting to attend the classes. Finally, I had to stop doing them as the classes grew too large and unwieldy, and I wanted to do other things as well.

My greatest discovery, if you could call it that, was that people were able to see auras much more easily if they were relaxed and having fun. Consequently, I would have the class doing all sorts of strange and amazing things to encourage laughter before attempting to see auras. This led to amazing results, with virtually everyone being able to see auras. It was incredibly exciting.

One lady I recall, was so desperate to see auras that she always tensed up and become frustrated when other people in the class could see them, but she couldn't. One night, after a class, she went home despondent and dumped her notes in the living room. Her husband, who was skeptical about psychic things, had had a few drinks and picked up the notes to read. He called her into the room and suggested they try some of the experiments.

This lady agreed, purely to humor him. To her amazement - and his - they were both able to see auras easily. Her husband was so stunned by the experience that he refused to even talk about it for months afterwards.

This lady proved to me, that as long as you earnestly and anxiously try to see auras, you are doomed to failure. But as soon as you relax and allow it to happen, it works. I believe that everyone has the ability to see auras. I have proved this hundreds, if not thousands, of times with people at my psychic development classes.

In Aura Reading for Beginners, I have included all the experiments we used to do at these classes. The experiments we tried. that either didn't work or only partially worked, have been left out, and I have included only the experiments that produced results. The book is unique in that it includes several different ways of learning to see auras.

I have also included a brief numerology section which allows people to determine what colors to look for in other people's auras. This is useful in two ways. It can help people gain aura awareness, and many people are able to suddenly start seeing the colors right away. More usually, people see a fine, almost colorless surround around the body and color awareness comes later. By knowing what colors to expect, this period can be shortened considerably.

Unfortunately, I am unable to replicate the sense of fun that we had in the classes, but I have tried to write the book in a light and breezy way to make it as readable as possible, and to encourage the reader to try the different experiments so that they too can see auras.

Aura Reading for Beginners has been translated into Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Bahasa Indonesian, Russian, Spanish (Colombia), Swedish and Turkish.