Dowsing for Beginners

Dowsing is the ability to divine for anything that is desired. People use it to find water, gold, oil, lost objects, and even missing people using a forked stick, angle rods, a pendulum, and even their hands, I learned about dowsing accidentally. Our family were enjoying a summer vacation at a seaside resort, and at lunchtime one day we heard the sounds of people on our property.

We looked out the window and discovered a man, holding a forked stick, had wandered on to our property, followed by a group of people. The man was concentrating and was not aware of the other people.

My brothers, sisters and I raced outside to join the crowd. A woman from next door came across and asked the man what he wanted. "Water, water," he said.

Our neighbour returned a few moments later with a glass of water. This broke the spell. The man suddenly realised the attention he had created and hastily left. We were still discussing it when my father returned home from a fishing trip.

"He was dowsing!" he told us, when we excitedly explained what had been going on. The crowd drifted away, embarrassed that they had not known what the man was doing. However, he had started something.

This man spent the next few weeks teaching others how to use the dowsing rod. My father invited him to our home and he showed us all how to do it. We children found it easy to do, and went back to our games.

Funnily enough, children usually find it easy to dowse. It is only adults who find it hard. Once they are willing to suspend their disbelief, it suddenly becomes easy for them as well.

I have taught hundreds of people to dowse over the years, and am convinced that it is an art that anyone can do, if they want to.

I wrote this book as I felt there was a need for a simple book that could teach the basics of the subject to anyone who was seriously interested in learning this ancient art.

I am happy to say that it has been well received, and Uri Geller, who is the most financially successful dowser of all time, said that Dowsing for Beginners was "one of the best 'how-to' books I have ever read".

Dowsing for Beginners has been translated into Bulgarian, Estonian, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Slovenian. An English language edition has also been published in India. A hardback edition, called The Art of Dowsing, was published by Castle Books, US.