Flower and Tree Magic

The inspiration for this book came from an elderly lady I enjoyed chatting with every time I walked past her house. She had a beautiful garden and tended it with love. No matter what time of year it was, something was flowering, as she believed color was healing and restorative to the soul.

“Flowers are magical,” Cynthia told me. “They have a profound effect on our psyches. I’d have been dead years ago if it hadn’t been for my flowers. I benefit from choosing them, planting them, nurturing them, and looking at them. They enhance every aspect of my life.”

Her mention of the magical effect of flowers intrigued me. I began using flowers more frequently in my rituals and divinations, and found them extremely helpful. I also noticed the effect they had on my clients. Without exception, everyone was enthusiastic and encouraged me to explore this field further. This book is the result of my explorations into flower and tree magic. As it’s difficult to summarize this book in a few paragraphs, here is the annotated Contents page:

Chapter One – SACRED AND MAGICAL TREES Spiritual aspects. The Tree of Life. 25 magical trees.

Chapter Two – TREE MAGIC How to find and use your Oracle tree. Releasing negativity. Tree meditation. The Celtic tree alphabet. The gentle art of tree hugging.

Chapter Three – THE WORLD OF FLOWERS History of flowers for magical purposes. Flowers as symbols. Flowers and superstition. Flowers in the Christian tradition. Flowers as food. 25 magical flowers.

Chapter Four – MEDICINAL PLANTS History. Homeopathy. Bach flower remedies. Aromatherapy. 37 essential oils. Aromatherapy in the bath. Vaporizer. Massage. Inhalation. Foot bath. Perfume.

Chapter Five – PLANTS AND ASTROLOGY Plants for each month. Flowers, trees, Bach flowers and essential oils for each Zodiac sign. The seven planets and the plants associated with them

.Chapter Six – SHAMANISM The oldest spiritual practice in the world. Plant spirits. Sacred space. Purification. Smudging.

Chapter Seven – FLOWERS FOR PROTECTION Psychic protection. The seven charkas. Psychic protection with flowers. Ten steps to psychic protection. Two methods of protecting your home environment. How to use rose water. Bach flowers for protection.

Chapter Eight – THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS Flowers have always possessed hidden meanings. William Shakespeare. Introduction of the language of flowers to the West. Most common meanings for 149 flowers. The lover’s clock. Tissie-mussies.

Chapter Nine – FLOWER DIVINATION History. Divination. Flower reading for yourself. Flower reading for others. Flower reading 101 (theme, shape, color, petals, aroma and stalk). Putting it together. Day of the week readings. Other forms of flower divination. Twin roses.

Chapter Ten – TREE READING Trees as symbols. Psychology. Drawing a tree. Size of the tree. Placement. Detail. Shading. Pressure. Shape. Base. Roots. Trunk.

Treetop. Additions. Special trees. Two sample readings. Change your tree, change your life.

Chapter Eleven – FOODS FOR LOVE Aphrodisiacs and foods for love. How to attract a partner. How to ensure your partner is truthful. How to ensure your partner remains faithful. How to revive lost passion. Encouraging an errant lover to return. Love charms. Aphrodisiacs. Regaining virginity. Ensuring pregnancy.

Chapter Twelve – FLOWER FAIRIES History and background. Devas. Elemenmtals (salamanders, gnomes, sylphs and undines). How to contact fairies.

Chapter Thirteen – CREATING A NATURE GROVE Everyone needs contact with nature. Creating your own sacred space. Smudging. Singing and drumming. How to create your own ritual. Divination. Altar. Spells. Prayer. Creative visualization.

Chapter Fourteen – PLANT DREAMS History of dreaming. 49 common flowers in dreams.

Chapter Fifteen – SPIRITUAL AND MAGICAL PLANTS IN THE EAST The five elements. Chinese plant meanings. Magical trees. 16 magical trees. Immortality plants.

Chapter Sixteen – CONCLUSION Seeing nature with different eyes.

Flower and Tree Magic has been translated into Czech, Estonian, German, Polish, and Russian. An English language edition has been published by Bookspan, a US Book Club.