How to write for the New Age market

This is the only book that tells you how to write for the rapidly growing, highly receptive new age market. I wrote it because over the years I've met many people who want to write a new age book, but have no idea how to go about it. I've written 96 books over the last 37 years and along the way have made just about every mistake possible. This book will help you eliminate these as you plan and write your own new age book. I assume that you are interested in some aspect of the new age and want to share this knowledge to others. If so, you can achieve your goal with the help of this book. You don't need previous writing experience or publishing credits. You don't even need an agent. Obviously, you must have knowledge that you want to impart to others, and you also need to be prepared to work hard to write a book that will inspire and help your readers.

How to Write for the New Age Market helps you create ideas, and then evaluate them to see if they are strong enough to sustain a complete book. Once you have a good idea, you

can, with the help of this book, turn this idea into a list of chapter headings, which forms the basis of an outline. I have included how I went through this process with a book of my own to make the various stages of development as clear as possible. Once you have an outline, you can start to write the book. Alternatively, you can use the outline to prepare a book proposal to send to a publisher. There are also chapters on how to write the book, revise it, and then print it out in the correct form to send to a publisher.

Information is given on contracts, agents, and the publishing process.

Writing the book is the major part of the process. However, once it is published you will need to do what you can to help your publisher sell as many copies as possible.

Consequently, I've included a chapter that shows you how to help your publisher attract attention to your book, and in the process, sell many more copies.

Writing articles on new age topics provides good writing practice and enables you to earn money in the process. It is also a highly effective way to promote your book. I've included a chapter on writing articles on new age topics. Another chapter discusses writing new age fiction. Although I would not recommend writing new age fiction, the potential rewards are huge if you write the right book.

I've tried to write the sort of book that I would have found helpful when starting out on my career. New age books seldom appear on bestseller lists, but it is possible to make a good living writing for this market. I hope that the information in my book will help you become a successful new age author.

How to Write for the New Age Market has been translated into Russian.