Is Your Pet Psychic

A few years ago I wrote an article on psychic animals for Fate magazine. It was about the experiences I had had over the years with my own pets. I was amazed at the interest the article created. My publishers asked me to write a book on the subject and Is Your Pet Psychic? is the result. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. Everyone I spoke to while working on the book had a story of their own psychic pets to relate, and I collected enough material to write several books on the subject.

My initial introduction to the subject occurred when I was seven or eight years old. My father had had to leave for work early one morning, and accidentally ran over and killed our cat. My father hastily buried him beside our apple tree and went to work. None of us knew that our cat had died until Dad returned home that night. However, Bruce, our Labrador dog, knew. He spent several hours that day lying under the apple tree, and for the rest of his life spent much of his time lying on the grave of his friend.

It was Clyde, our 23-pound moggy cat, who was ultimately responsible for this book. Our daughter, Charlotte, used to work in television and kept extremely irregular hours. None of us ever knew when she would get home from work. But Clyde always knew. Every night he sat down at the front door ten minutes before she arrived. Skeptical friends explained this away by saying that Clyde obviously heard the car when it was ten minutes away. It would have been amazingly impressive if Clyde had hearing as good as that. However, one day Charlotte arrived home in a new car. It made no difference. Clyde was waiting at the front door to greet her.

Experiences such as this, encouraged me to explore the subject further, and Is Your Pet Psychic? is the result.

The book has ten chapters. The introduction contains my personal experiences.

Chapter One discusses the amazing, natural talents of animals, such as the incredible noses of bloodhounds, and the ability of salmon to return to their birthplace to spawn.

Chapter Two is called The Mysterious Cat and contains instructions on how to achieve a telepathic bond with your cat. I also cover their ghost-sensing and precognitive abilities.

Chapter Three is called Man's Best Friend. Dogs are arguably the animals that are most loved by humans. The loyalty and devotion of dogs is legendary, and I include some famous stories, such as Greyfriar's Bobby, to illustrate this.

Chapter Four is on "The Noble Horse", arguably the most psychic of all animals. The amazing talents of horses, such as Lady Wonder and the Elberfeld horses, are discussed, and some experiments are included to enable you to test your own horse.

Chapter Five is called "Animals Tall and Small", and covers the other animals that you are most likely to have as pets. An experiment called "Your Psychic Pet" is included to help you develop psychic communication with your pet.

Chapter Six is called "Communicating With Your Pet" and gives full instructions on how to engage in two-way psychic communication with your pet. I've included eleven tips from professional animal communicators on how to develop better psychic communication with your pets.

Chapter Seven is on "Ghost Animals". Some animals seem able to transcend the grave and visit their humans to say goodbye or to offer comfort and advice. The word "ghost" comes from the Saxon word gaste, which means "spirit". It is the soul of a dead person or animal that temporarily becomes visible to people who are currently alive. Many animals appear able to see ghosts, also. Some ghosts, including animal ghosts, figure in the folklore of most countries. I have included accounts of some of these, including the famous Daisy Dog in Cornwall, England. I finish this chapter with instructions on how to contact a departed pet.

Chapter Eight is called "Pets who find their way home". There have been some amazing instances of animals who have tracked their humans down, even in other countries. I give several documented instances of this, and finish the chapter with suggestions on what to do if your pet is lost.

Chapter Nine is called "Your Psychic Self" and gives suggestions on what you can do to strengthen your own innate psychic potential. All the way through the book are exercises on how to communicate psychically with your pets. In this chapter, the exercises are for you.

Chapter Ten explains how to communicate with your pet while dreaming. Instructions are given on how to lucid dream, and how to communicate with your pet while in this state.

The conclusion is called "A New World". The last four sentences of the book are: "With the help of your pet, you will learn to appreciate animal perceptions and their amazing senses, including, of course, their incredible sixth sense. In the process, you will unlock and release your own intuition. Your pet is willing to open your eyes to a whole new world. All you need do is listen."

This book is intended to help you develop a closer, more meaningful, relationship with your pet. I wish you great success with it.

Is Your Pet Psychic? has been translated into Italian and Russian. It has also been published by a US Book Club, and a hardcover edition called Your Psychic Pet is published by Castle Books (US).