MIRACLES: Inviting the extraordinary into your life

The world is full of miracles, but most people, except believers in magic such as poets and children, are too busy to notice. Walt Whitman and my granddaughter, Eden, provided the necessary inspiration. One afternoon Eden and I watched a monarch butterfly emerge from its chrysalis, exercise its wings, and fly away. My granddaughter was entranced. “That’s a miracle!” she exclaimed.

I was impressed that at the age of four she knew what a miracle was. Her words reminded me of Walt Whitman’s poem, Miracles, which contains the wonderful line: “I know of nothing else but miracles.” In his poem, Walt Whitman considered everything, even a “cubic inch of space” to be a miracle.

Saint Augustine also considered that “all natural things are filled with the miraculous”. I agree with this. However, a more usual definition considers a miracle to be something that goes against the normal laws of nature and is usually credited to some supernatural power. Not surprisingly, the Christian church considered all miracles to be works of God, as they could be used to provide evidence of God’s existence. However, even in the Bible, a number of people, including Peter, performed miracles. Admittedly, they performed them in God’s name.

Today, most people would remove any mention of the divine from a definition of a miracle, and would probably define it as an extraordinary coincidence or a violation of the laws of nature.

If you are interested in transforming your life, this book is for you. Miracles: Inviting the Extraordinary into Your Life shows that miracles are possible everyone: in fact, all you need do is follow some simple steps. Once you understand the nature of the miraculous, you will start believing in miracles, and also start producing them yourself.

The book starts with a look at the place of miracles in history. Both religious and healing miracles are covered. The remainder of the book is devoted to different ways in which you can experiment with the miraculous to create a sense of wonder and fulfilment in your own life. These include the ancient Huna method of achieving anything that is desired, developing your intuition to achieve your goals, using the power of magic and spell-casting, using your chakras to magnetize to you whatever it is you desire, and automatic writing, which will reveal the secrets of your inner mind. Miracles are not solely the preserve of different religions. The incredible power of the human mind can also create miracles. I've included several examples, such as the incredible multiplying food experiments of Dr. Philip S. Haley.

Miracles are for everyone. Once you understand the nature of the miraculous and start believing in miracles, you can start producing them yourself. You can transform your life with the six simple steps in this book.

Miracles: Inviting the Extraordinary into Your Life has been translated into French, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.