Omens, Oghams & Oracles

This is the first book that is devoted entirely to the divinatory methods of the ancient druids. Many of their techniques are as useful for answering questions today as they were 2,000 years ago. I became interested in the druidic tradition while living in Britain in the late 1960s. After experiencing a partial recall of a past life while visiting Glastonbury Abbey, I moved to Glasgow where my landlady was experimenting with druid sticks. The amazing results we had with these encouraged me to look at other divination techniques used by the druids, and this book is the result of a thirty year obsession.

The book begins with sky stones, which are often referred to as "yes-no" stones. These are simple to use, but are extremely practical, and I seldom go anywhere without them. From this simple beginning, we move on to more complex techniques, such as touchstones, the bodhran drum, the oghams and druid sticks.

All of these methods are simple to learn and use, but the results are amazingly insightful. The Celtic world view was a magical one, and they considered their divinatory objects to be inbued with the spirit of the Otherworld.

You can capture and utilize this spirit any time you wish by using any of the different methods taught to you in this book. By doing so you will receive guidance and insight into any difficult problem or question. You will find these easy techniques to be just as useful to you as they were to the ancient Celts.

Carl Herron, editor of The Path Review, wrote that this book "will open your mind and spirit to new heights of awareness. Not only will you benefit, but in the true Druidic tradition, you will find yourself giving aid and comfort to others. Not since Scott Cunningham has a book made me want to stop whatever I was doing and immerse myself in another world and culture. Highly recommended!"

Omens, Oghams and Oracles has also been published in Polish.