Past-Life Memories

Have you ever wondered about your past lives? Many people do. For some this interest is sparked by a vague, faint memory they have of something that happened in the past. For others it's a desire to know more about themselves - where they have been and where they are going. Have you ever visited a place for the first time and been overcome with feelings of déjà vu? Do you have any irrational fears that you can't seem to explain? Are you wondering if you have a soul mate, and whether or not you'll ever meet him or her? Do you have distinct memories that do not relate to the experiences of your present life?

If so, it is highly likely that these feelings and memories are related to events that happened in a past life. In fact, your past-life memories might be the key to unlocking the secret fears and motivations that may be hindering your progress in your current life.

When the time is right, past-life memories can be extremely beneficial. They can reveal your life's purpose and help heal current wounds. Conscious past-life recall can also help you clear karmic imbalances and discover latent skills and talents carried over from previous lifetimes. People who know why they act and react in certain ways have much more power over their lives than people who do not.

In my work as a hypnotherapist I regularly took people back to their past lives. When I started teaching these techniques to groups of people I found that not everyone responded well to hypnosis. People who visited me one-to-one were expecting to be hypnotized, but people who came to workshops and seminars brought with them a variety of fears. Some thought they might lose control, or blurt out a guilty secret, or perhaps do something they would never do normally. None of these things are possible, but if the subject thinks they are, hypnosis can not be induced.

Consequently, I had to experiment with a variety of other methods to help people return to their past lives. I have included the twelve most effective methods in this book. Everyone is different, so it is not surprising that different methods work better for some people than they do for others. The methods in this book include: dreaming of your past lives, scrying, exploring the Akashic records, dowsing, meditation, and enlisting the help of your guides.

This book contains information that is not available anywhere else. The method of returning to a previous incarnation with your spirit guide is an example. This is a powerful and successful technique that my students particularly enjoyed. I wrote an article about the "Tick-tock" methods, using a ticking clock, many years ago, but with nowhere near the detail that is in the book. One of the advantages of teaching classes and workshops is that you develop new and different ways of doing things, and I have passed on what I learned in this book.

Although there are many books available on past lives, I am not aware of any others that are comparable. Most books cover the theory in great detail and then include one method of returning to a previous incarnation. I deliberately wrote this book the other way around, as my students were more interested in successfully exploring their own past lives than they were in learning about the theories of reincarnation. Consequently, the emphasis of this book is on a large number of methods that are straight-forward and easy for you to do. However, I have also covered reincarnation and karma in sufficient depth so that you will be able to understand the concepts.

I have included a case study for each method. This enables you to understand what is involved and the type of results you can expect. In each case, I have tried to give typical examples, rather than exceptional ones.

The book is called Practical Guide to Past-Life Memories. I wanted the book to be as practical as possible. In a seminar or workshop I am able to work with every participant to ensure they have a successful experience. Obviously, I can not do that with people who read this book. Consequently, I have tried to include every nuance and tip that I learned while presenting seminars around the world to make this book as useful and as practical as possible.

Whether you are seeking to release old traumatic experiences that may be affecting your health and happiness, or you're simply curious about who you have been throughout the ages, this practical guidebook is intended to help you reach your goal.