Seven Secrets to Success

(Rather than write my own description of this book, I thought I would include a review that has appeared in many newspapers and magazines.) Richard Webster's best-selling book, Seven Secrets to Success, was not originally written for publication. A friend of the author's was on the verge of suicide, when Richard sat down to write him a letter.

This inspiring book was the result. It brought the friend out of his depression, and photocopies of the story have helped countless people over the intervening years.

After being an underground classic for some fifteen years, Richard's publishers have produced it as an attractive paperback, and already the author has received many letters from readers saying how much it has helped them. It is Richard's most translated book, and is available in ten different languages.

In fictional form, the book tells the story of a suicidal young man who is taught the seven reasons for living. The hero of the book gets his life back on track after being taught these seven secrets by a mysterious older man. It is a story with a happy ending, and is deliberately designed to motivate and inspire others.

"We were worried that my friend might commit suicide," Richard says. "We had little time, and I was grateful that my letter helped my friend to start living again. I was also pleasantly surprised when he asked to make copies of the letter to give to friends who were also having problems.

"Every now and again I meet someone who tells me that they were helped by the letter at a time when they really needed it. That has been extremely satisfying for me."

So what are the seven secrets that have helped so many people? Richard prefers people to learn them while reading the book. "There are no real secrets," he explains.

"The list deals with motivation, goal-setting, positive thinking and letting go of the past. These are all things that many people have written about. However, many people learn better when they hear them in the context of a story.

"My aim was to impart the secrets in a quiet, gentle, yet persuasive way. As the reader follows the experiences of the hero, he or she will also learn how to let go of the past and become inspired to action."

Although the story was originally intended to give hope to a friend in need, it can help everyone. Richard mentions that several people have used it as simple guide to success in life and business.

Seven Secrets to Success is an inspiring story that offers hope to the weary and motivation for all of us to let go of the past and follow our dreams. Highly recommended.

Seven Secrets to Success has been translated into Bahas Indonesia, Chinese (Simplified), French, French Audio, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak and Spanish.

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