Soul Mates

In 1967, at the ripe old age of twenty, I worked my passage on a ship to England. I arrived in London in the early evening. The following day I started exploring the West End and bumped into two friends from New Zealand. They were going to a party that night, and invited me to come. At the party I met a young lady called Margaret Shaw, and four years later we got married. I had gone to England to progress in my career in publishing. The last thing I wanted at the time was a serious relationship of any sort, let alone a soul mate relationship. The term soul mates was common in London at the time. Most people considered it to be a strong attraction between two people. My definition of it is a relationship between two people that has existed over many incarnations, and in which each partner helps the other to learn the lessons that he or she needs to learn in this lifetime.

Some years after Margaret and I got married, I started the Action Hypnosis Centre. Most people came to me for help in stopping smoking, losing weight or controlling stress. However, every now and again, I would see couples who wanted past-life regressions to see if they had been together in previous lifetimes. I loved doing these, and it can be fascinating to see how couples have been inextricably combined over many lifetimes. Although the relationships and sexes change, the person being hypnotized can instantly recognize his or her soul mate.

Unfortunately, though, it did not always work. Some couples came to me convinced that they were soul mates and had been together in previous lifetimes. However, they were unable to find their current partners when regressed back to previous lifetimes. Did this mean that they were not soul mates after all? The opposite scenario sometimes applied. Clients who were convinced their partners were not soul mates, sometimes found them appearing in all their previous lives.

This was confusing, and I embarked on a program of research to learn all I could about the subject. I learned, for instance, that soul mates are not necessarily between people of opposite sexes. Neither need they be solely romantic relationships. I also learned that there is a soul mate for everyone - in fact you have a number of soul mates. The question is: how do you find him or her?

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to encourage your soul mate into your life. First of all, you need to be ready physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In my book I have a number of exercises, including a baggage release exercise, to help this process.

You then need to think about your soul mate needs. If you don't do this you might find that you attract a ninety-five-year-old soul mate, rather than the twenty-five-year-old you really wanted.

Finally, you need to magnetize yourself and send that message out into the universe to attract the perfect soul mate to you. Again, I have included exercises to help this process.

The book also contains a chapter called "Why Isn't it Perfect?" It is a common misconception that soul mate relationships are perfect in every way. Soul mates meet so that both people can grow and develop in different ways. We bring to our relationships all our hopes, fears, dreams, desires, expectations, hang-ups, unresolved problems and a mountain of baggage. Naturally, there has to be give and take on both sides.

The final chapter is called "How to Keep Your Soul Mate". Soul mate relationships are not necessarily permanent relationships. Consequently, I have a chapter on how to keep your soul mate, once you have found him or her.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book. I hope you enjoy it too, and also hope that it will help you find and keep your soul mate.

Soul Mates has been translated into Bulgarian, French, German, Greek, Korean, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Thai and Turkish. An English language edition has also been published in Ghana by EPP Book Services.