Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians

I wrote Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians to clear up a number of misconceptions. There have been many books published on angels in the last decade, and I would not have written this one unless I thought I could add something to the subject. I suppose it was because I went to a church school that I became interested in angels. I don't think I believed in them at that time, but it was fascinating to look at the beautiful angels in the stained glass windows in the chapel and at church. I was in my twenties when I really began to take angels seriously. I had had a major business reversal which had caused us to sell our house and car and move to a small rented apartment. For a while I worked in a warehouse to make enough money for the family to survive. While there, it dawned on me that the mistakes I had made were of my own making.

If I had paused and listened to the small, quiet voice that was always there, I would have made different decisions and would probably still have been in business. I believe that this small, quiet voice comes from our angel guardian who has our best interests at heart all the time. It is up to us to listen to it., and then of course, to act on it.

Naturally, I listen now - but, if I hadn't been forced to learn the hard way, I wonder if I would ever have learned to listen. This voice offers us advice whenever we need it. It is like a friend who is always there, ready, willing and wanting to help. This voice - or angel guardian - can help us in many different ways. It can, for instance, help us find our life's purpose. How many people do you know who have gone through their whole lives without finding out what their purpose is? That's sad, and it's unnecessary, because we have access to that knowledge simply by asking.

There is a whole chapter in my book devoted to finding your life's purpose. I have also included chapters on healing and how to enhance your own creativity. Obviously, nothing can be more important than healing, and angel guardians can play a major part in helping restore people to good health. Simply the comforting knowledge that they are there to help, can assist in the healing process. Many people think that they are not creative. I have a friend who is a wonderful gardener, but dismisses her talents in that area and says she wishes she was creative so that she could write. I'm a writer, and I'd love to be a good gardener! We are all creative in different ways, and our angels can help us to find the right areas in which to focus our energies. For instance, for some years I played the piano semi-professionally in restaurants and night clubs. I loved it, but was always aware of my limitations in that area. I was good, but not good enough to satisfy me. I would have been better off putting all that energy into my writing career. If I'd asked my angel guardians for advice earlier, I could have saved myself much time and effort.

As a teenager I became interested in Spiritualism and this introduced me to spirit guides. I attended many seances and psychic circles and had readings from countless mediums. I ultimately became a medium myself, and conducted many seances for people who needed help and guidance from the other side. I was surprised to discover as I was doing this that many people thought spirit guides and angel guardians were the same thing. That is one of the reasons I have written this book: to explain the differences and to show how each of them can help us in different ways.

Contact with spirit guides can provide answers to what happens after death, and can also provide help and support for the people left behind when someone dies. Angel guardians provide a vital link to God, and enable people to realise that they are not simply an insignificant speck on the face of the earth, but are a vitally important part of the whole process.

Every single life is important and knowledge of angels and angel guardians make that real. This book is potentially controversial, because I have included a chapter on how to create a Guardian Angel. This is completely new information that is not available in any other book on the subject. I find this very surprising, as it is something that my students always found fascinating, practical and extremely helpful.

The greatest benefit people will gain from this book is the ability to make contact with their spirit guides and angel guardians. By doing this, they will be able to transform their lives, gaining confidence, self-esteem, support, advice and escape from loneliness. Many people will also gain, or enhance, their personal faith or philosophy of life. And that is why I wrote this book.

This is my first book to sell more than 200,000 copies in English, and I'm very grateful to my publishers and readers for making it so successful.

Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians has been translated into Bulgarian, Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

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