Success Secrets

Seven Secrets to Success has been one of my most successful books. It has been translated into thirteen languages, and brought me in more mail from readers it has helped than all my other books put together. Almost all of these readers wanted to know when I would write a sequel. At first, I thought the task would be comparatively simple. After all, Seven Secrets to Success wrote itself. Surely it would not be hard to write another book in the same vein? However, it didn't work out that way. I wrote Seven Secrets to Success to help a friend of mine who was going through a difficult time. Consequently, I did not plan, or even think too much about the book as I was writing it. It was simply a letter to a friend, and I was as surprised as anyone when a book appeared.

One of my own personal success secrets is a Master Mind group I belong to. Michele Comeau, a professional speaker and member of the group, enjoyed Seven Secrets to Success so much that she bought copies to give away as gifts. At every Master Mind meeting she would ask me when a sequel would appear. I tried, but inspiration would not come. One evening, I was driving to our Master Mind meeting with the intention of telling her that there would be no sequel. I had thought of many ideas, but none were good enough, and I was going to give up.

On the way to the meeting, I got stuck in a traffic jam. While waiting for the traffic to start moving again, the idea for Success Secrets came to me, complete in every detail. I must have been poor company at the meeting that night as all I wanted to do was return home and start writing.

The subtitle for Success Secrets is Letters to Matthew. Matthew is stuck in a rut and doesn't know where to go or what to do. His marriage is in trouble and he lacks motivation at work. Just when he's feeling totally despondent about everything in his life he finds an envelope in his mailbox that is addressed to him, but has no return address and no stamp. He instantly recognizes the handwriting as that of his history teacher from high school. Matthew has not seen or talked to Mr. Nevin in thirty years. Why would Matthew get a letter from him now?

It seems that Mr Nevin somehow knows that Matthew needs help at this time in his life, and in a series of letters he imparts his knowledge and wisdom to Matthew.

Mr. Nevin told Matthew to find his passion. He wrote: "Don't lead a half-life, Matthew. I'm trying to help you find your passion. When you find your passion you'll never work again. Of course, you'll probably work extremely hard, but it won't seem like work. Because it is your passion, your purpose, your reason for being here."

The first letter arrives when Matthew's life is at a crisis point. Each new well-timed letter gives Matthew (and the readers of this book) encouragement and new ways to handle life.

Mr. Nevin says in the seventh letter that he will not be writing again. Matthew sets out to find Mr. Nevin to thank him personally. As the story ends, Matthew discovers that the letters from Mr. Nevin truly are an extraordinary gift.

The principles that Mr. Nevin taught are universal and can be used by anyone who wants to lead a fuller and richer life. Mr. Nevin told Matthew to become "successful in your own way". I hope that this book will help you, too, to become successful in your own way.

I am happy to say that Success Secrets is also proving popular, and the letters I have received show that it is helping people in the same way that Seven Secrets to Success did.

Will there be a third volume in this series? I don't know, but already people are asking for it. These first two books wrote themselves. I hope there will be more, but these books somehow came through me. I wrote the words down, but can claim no credit for writing them. If a third volume appears, it will come from the same source.

Success Secrets has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Spanish.

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