Talisman Magic

This book outlines a method of numerology that is extremely popular in India. These are yantras, or magic squares, something I have been fascinated in since childhood. I discovered numerological yantras in an interesting way. I arrived in New Delhi late one night and slept in a small hotel near the airport. The following morning I took a motorized rickshaw to Connaught Place, which is the center of New Delhi. New Delhi was well laid out by the English, but the traffic is diabolical. The roads are congested with everything from cars and buses, to rickshaws, bicycles, animals and beggars.

Halfway around a large roundabout my rickshaw was almost run over by a large truck. My driver had to swerve violently to avoid being hit, and began screaming oaths to the truck driver. The traffic that was held up by this near accident became impatient and my driver shook his fist at them before starting up his motor again. I noticed that for the rest of the trip he clutched something hanging from his neck.

When we arrived at our destination I asked him what it was. With an embarrassed laugh he told me it was his yantra. He produced a dirty leather pouch that was hung around his neck and took out a filthy scrap of paper. Someone had drawn a magic square on it. I was surprised as I had expected to see a pictorial yantra.

"Why do you wear it?" I asked him.

"For luck," he told me. "And for protection."

He then drove off and I immediately thought of all the questions I should have asked him about it. In fact, I had to make a return trip to India to learn how to construct these numerological magic squares. I was amazed to discover how easy they were to do. With a magic square, every horizontal, vertical and diagonal row has to to add up to the same total.

Some methods are extremely complicated, but yantras could hardly be easier. If you can add or subtract three from another number, you will be able to construct your own personal yantra, using your date of birth, in seconds.

Once you have constructed it you can use it to examine your personality in incredible depth, and with greater clarity than ever before. You will be able to draw up yantras for others, and give them readings, and at the same time provide them with a valuable lucky talisman.

You can also construct yantras that will show you the trends for any given year. Again, using your date of birth, you can construct yantras to attract money, love, or anything else you desire, into your life.

Yantras are actually powerful energy channels that help attract your deepest desires. The Eastern methods of drawing up and using magic squares is totally different to the Western methods of John Dee, Abramelin, Agrippa and the Golden Dawn.

This is the only book in the English language on the magical practice of yantras. This book was reprinted in 1998 as Numerology Magic. Sadly, this title is now out of print, but used copies are readily available.

A reader from Quito, Ecuador, said: "Interesting and informative."

This book is good for anyone interested in a new way of making talismans. The main focus of the book is the use of magic squares. The author also gives good background information as to where these talismans are used and where they began.

A new edition of this book, with a new introduction, was published in 1998 as Numerology Magic.

Talisman Magic has been translated into Bulgarian, French, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian (Ukraine) and Spanish.